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Refit Management

Refit Project Supervision for Yacht Owners

Our refit management team is focused on quality management and is directly connected to our after sales and sales teams. We strive to provide three key services within one yacht refit management package to our valued customers, which are:

  1. Contract preparation and revision by our legal team
  2. Project management including timely reporting and change management
  3. Warranty and claims support

We do not have a specific preference regarding a shipyard that would be involved in the yacht refit, however we have experience working with various top-rated shipyards. We assure and review all works performed sending our quality controllers and surveyors with necessary technical equipment to manage and approve works and standards.

The main idea behind this service is to make sure the refit works add value to the posterior use, enjoyment and, ultimately, sale of the vessel. We see our refit as an extension for our sales department.

If you have a refit in mind, contact us today. We are ready to help!