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Charter License in Spain

List of documents to submit for Spanish charter license:

  1. Identity document (for individuals) or Corporate document (in case of companies) of the yacht owner;
  2. Charter agency agreement, only if the activity is to be carried out by an entity or person other than the owner;
  3. Certification showing that the owning company of the vessel or charter agency is registered for commercial activities in Spain
  4. Certificate of registry of the boat, that mentions that boat is intended for Commercial use; in case this special wording is not provided in the certificate of registry – then any other certificate of Compliance specifying the authorisation for commercial activity.
  5. Minimum safe manning certificated issued by the country of flag of the vessel;
  6. Certificate of Class (only for boats longer than 24 meters)
  7. Compulsory civil liability insurance (R.D. 607/1999) and accident insurance for passengers (R.D. 1575/1989)
  8. Professional certification of the crew, endorsed by the country of flag of the vessel;
  9. Copy of employment contracts.
  10. Certificate of life-saving appliances on board.

In some provinces documents written in a foreign language should be translated by the consulate orsworn interpreter.

The process of obtaining of the charter license consists of the following steps:

  1. Registration for commercial activity in Spain (for charter agency or owning company).
  2. Application for exemption of Special Tax on certain means of transport (12% matriculation tax).
  3. Signature of the declaration of responsibility by the owner.
  4. Payment of special taxes and fees.
  5. Submission of all documents to the main Captaincy of the province.


The whole process from submitting documents to obtaining a license will take a minimum of 1 month if all documentation is submitted in a timely manner and is in order.


Our offer:

Pricing depends on the length of the vessel and legal situation of the owner and/or charter agency of the boat in Spain.

Our fee varies from 600€ to 3.500€ depending on each case. Please contact us to request your personal estimate.

Included in price: vessel registration fees, government charter activity taxes, certified legal translations up to 300€ per vessel, management fees.

* Does not include the inspection by the entity collaborating with the administration (ITB). The administration may request to inspect the vessel by the recognized authorized organization in case if submitted documents of the vessel do not satisfy safety requirements of Spanish administration.

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As part of our holistic approach, we provide a fast-track charter license service all over the world and specifically in Spain as it is one of the most complex bureaucratic legislations in Europe, however still among the top in popularity.

Emma Karanova
Co-Founder at Nave Magna